Friday, September 26, 2014

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.
 I thrive on simplicity but it seems we are in a busy season.  I am trying hard not to become overwhelmed and stress out.  I keep reminding myself this is just a season and I should embrace the chaos and find the joyful moments.   
Abe came running into the house shouting that Megan needed my camera.  I sent it out and she took this shot of the squirrel.  Not bad. 
Little Ladies that have know each longer then we have known them.  The little girl with the fan lived in the same foster home as Megan.  The day we received the girls Megan reached out for Katie's hand while we were in the elevator.  Now the girls live less then ten miles from each other.  God's plans are nothing short of amazing!
Working on things for Sunday school.  Can you guess what we are teaching this week?
Daddy has been working late this week so Megan and I had a girls only outing one evening.  My sweet girl was a chatter box.  She shared all of her secrets and told me a few things I didn't know.  Like she and two classmates gather on the playground every Wednesday to pray for their teacher!  I didn't make a big deal about it, but my heart was rejoicing big time. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!   


  1. Your little chatter box is the sweetest girl, what a beautiful thing that they do praying for their teacher :)

  2. Your post made me smile. You have the sweetest daughter who is being raised by the most loving mother. Her teacher is lucky to have a students that pray for her.

  3. Great pictures Wendi! I've tried a few times before to leave comments but for some reasons was unable to. Great to see all is going well. She is growing up so quickly and you must be so proud of that she is praying for her teacher. Take care and have a great weekend!



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