Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gone Fishin'

We had plans to go to Papaw's (Chuck's dad) for a family dinner.  Megan keep telling us she was going to the pond to catch a fish.  She even went as far as to make her own fishing pole. :)  Once we were there and her cousins saw what she had they all wanted to go "fishing" also.  They piled in the barn with Papaw and they all came out with "fishing" poles.  The cute factor was off the charts!

So we all trecked through the woods to the little pond and watched imaginations soar.


No fish were caught! We did have plenty of good old fashioned fun, lots of laughs and of course precious memories were made.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!  


  1. No fish caught, nonetheless a very successful activity so far as the kids' creativity was concerned.

  2. Old fashion fun, fun ever.

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