Monday, September 01, 2014

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

When I arrived home from the grocery store I had to run back out the door. I quickly put some things in the refrigerator and freezer and I was off. When I returned home I went to put the things away correctly and found this.

Apparently there was a leak in the new milk jug.  The strange things is that I never noticed it while at the store.  In the time I was gone a good chunk of milk drained.  I started clearing things out and and had to keep going further down in the frig.  

All the way to the bottom.  Sigh. Thankfully Chuck had arrived home from work by this time and pulled out all the shelves and drawers so I could wash them.  

Deep cleaning the frig was on my list I just hadn't planned to do it at that moment.  It is now clean, organized and full of yummy food for the month.  I am thankful for that!

While cleaning this out Chuck thought he was funny and keep telling me not to cry over spilled milk.  Saturday when we got into the van and there was a horrible odor I think we both wanted to cry over spilled milk!  Neither one of us thought about the milk jug leaking while in the back of the van.  

We sprinkled baking soda in the back as we were leaving.  It soaked up more liquid then we were able to feel.  We vacuumed it out, used the carpet shampooer to clean the carpet, have put down straight vinegar and it still smells.  More baking soda has been sprinkled in the back and now we will wait and see.  If you have any tips for getting rid of the sour milk smell please share!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Yuk! A similar thing happened to me a month ago--it made me crabby! I felt the same way--how did I not notice at the store?! Oh, well, Chuck is right--not to cry over it!

  2. Yes, this is a good reminder. I told my daughter this yesterday. I haven't visited or blogged in awhile. I miss reading yours and others. Maybe I should try again ;)

  3. There are two "secret weapons" to reduce is a brick of charcoal (the kind you put on the grill). The other is white toothpaste....the true, old fashioned paste kind...not gel. That is rather hard to find these days. Anyway, if you put either (or both) of those items on a paper plate and set in the back of the van, it should help to absorb any residual odor. I just would remove them before driving around town, of course! Good luck! Sour milk is the worst! :-(


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