Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Until We Meet Again...

We said goodbye to our sweet 82 year old neighbor last week. I know that I have mentioned Celia several times on here. Usually for a treat or meal that we shared with her.

We had watched her health decline that last few years and then in the last 6 months she was to the point that she could barely hold up her head and walk.  I received a morning call almost a week ago that she needed some assistance.  She had gotten herself to the kitchen and was unable to move from the kitchen table.  I helped her to the couch and it was decided that evening that she needed full time care. Thankfully home health was able to come in so she didn't have to leave her home.  That was her wish....

On Tuesday of last week we were told that she was worse.  We went over that evening and were able to spend some quality time with her. She passed away the next evening and this is what I wrote on my Facebook page....

 Yesterday Chuck and I were honored and humbled to spend some time talking and praying at the bedside of our 82 year old neighbor, Celia. One of the things we talked about was that she was going to meet sweet Jesus soon. Well, this evening she entered the gates of heaven. I am saddened that I won't have the comfort of looking out the window and knowing she is there or sitting on her back porch chatting. My heart is rejoicing that she is healed, whole and sitting at the feet of Jesus! We'll miss you, Celia, but look forward to seeing you again one day. 

She was like family and had a special bond with Megan.  As sad as we are we know that this is God's plan... life, death, hardship and joy... through it all life keeps moving on...

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, Wendi. Glad for your friendship, though, and that you'll see her again one day!

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  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about her passing. It's so hard when you become attached to someone and they pass away, never easy. :(

  4. Sad and beautiful. Bless your hearts as you mourn this sweet lady. Can you imagine the conversations she is having now.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor-no wait-I am sorry but I also understand the rejoicing. It is hard for us to say goodbye but so sweet for those who pass on that know Jesus. I am glad the Lord blessed your life with this special friend. God bless.

  6. Wendi, I am so sorry for your lost.
    She sound like a sweet neighbor.
    Blessings and comfort to you and your family.

  7. What a sweet tribute to your friend! Rejoicing with you that you know where she is and will see her again one day. :)


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