Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playing Catch Up

After last summer I said that we were going to have a slow one this year. Ha!  We are being more intentional about what we are doing but it still seems to be busy and moving by at warp speed.   A good kind of busy!  So here are a few highlights...

Unbelievable that my girl is eight!  We celebrated with dinner at a restaurant with family and back home for some cupcakes and presents.  Simple and sweet!

The Fourth of July we attended a small, local parade and then watched fireworks.  Again simple and sweet.  Hum-mm... are we seeing a theme. :)

An unplanned project also happened during the long 4th weekend.  The back porch was pressured washed.

We are getting a new roof on our home and back porch due to a hail storm.  We had hoped to paint the back porch next year but this has moved it up a little bit.  The plan is to at least have the rafters and anything that touches the roof painted before work begins.

An afternoon spent at Papaw's house (Chuck's dad) meant fun on the zipline!

We've had the opportunity to spend time with friends.  Our friend, Rob, is a kid at heart.  We love this guy!

A cookout with friends allowed Megan to play with ducks.

She is in love!

We have had lots of friends over and have been making treats to share.

The weather has been great and many days have been spent in the backyard.

I am a firm believer in kids having lots of time outside to run, play and use their imaginations.

On the agenda this week is grocery shopping, making a meal for a friend, VBS and the first of the green beans will probably be ready.  If I don't pop back on this week you will know why!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Looks like you're having a fun summer!

    We've had quite a bit of rain, and our harvesting a TON of green beans! I need to find a couple other ways of fixing them that my family likes besides just steaming them--we need some variety!

  2. That's the thing about summer, having fun and tons of it :) Looks like you're enjoying yours to the maximum. :)

  3. I always enjoy your posts :)

    The polka dot balloons caught my eye, so cute! And those cupcakes are so tempting, I am sure they were delicious.

  4. Simple and sweet is wonderful!

  5. I can't believe that Megan is 8! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. ;)

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! God bless.


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