Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tip Tuesday

Good Morning! I have missed blogging and am trying to get back at it. Now, I won't guarantee anything because as you know caring for my family is my number one priority. Anyway, I am going to try to be more regular. Now on to the tips!

Chuck has this handy paint mixer that attaches to the drill. It is awesome for paint that isn't straight from the store and has been sitting for a while.
If you have a full gallon and happen to go a little fast it will sometimes splatter.  The solution is to place the paint in a paper bag.  Then if it happens to splatter you don't have a huge mess to clean up. 
---------- ♥ ----------
This winter we had an abundance of pine branches fall.  As soon as it warmed up a little Megan was out to play.  Of course she played with the branches and ended up with pine sap on her fleece jacket. 
I tried several things to get this sticky mess and nothing worked.  So I did a little research and found several sources that said to try rubbing alcohol. 
A little elbow grease with a scrub brush and I couldn't see it anymore.  Yes!  I rinsed off the alcohol and then threw it in with a load of laundry. 
As you can tell it worked wonderful!  This is a great thing to know as my girl loves to play outside and especially creating with sticks. 
---------- ♥ ----------
I place many of my staples in Mason jars.  The flax seed came in a bag and it seems to always be in the way.  I also found that with so many containers of different sizes they didn't always stack well and make the most use of my limited space.   
I have a love for Mason jars and now not only does my pantry look pretty but it is also organized and neat. 
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Another tip to go along with storing things in jars in labeling.  I will write things on the underside of the lid.  For my yeast I put the measurement to equal a packet since most recipe list packets and not actual measurements. 

On jars that hold cooking mixes I will put cooking instructions.    

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Great tips! I will have to use the tip for writing on the underside of the lid. That's a good idea.

    I use 1 Tablespoon yeast for a packet.

  2. The sap removal trick is a good one. We have our fire put near some pine trees, so someone inevitably gets sap on their clothing! Dawn also tends to work in sticky substances.

  3. Love the mason jar lid idea! I have written on the bottom of the glass jars with dry erase markers too. I keep my baking powder and soda in jars, and I write the expiration dates on the bottom, then wipe off and rewrite when I refill the jars.

    Any gardening tips to share? I know it is a passion of yours, and this probably seems silly to a seasoned gardener, but I want to plant my FIRST EVER raised bed. Your beds are gorgeous....any tips for care or maintenance or how you keep things organized in your garden?

  4. Hey, Wendi. I'm curious what you use whole flax seed for--I only use ground flax seed and read somewhere that using it ground is the best way to get the benefits from the seed.

  5. They are all very clever tips, thanks!


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