Monday, March 10, 2014

Come Along

Saturday morning I woke to sunshine and birds singing.  Oh yeah, spring is just around the corner!  I bounced out of bed at 7:30 and was ready to get some things done.
I spent a large chunk of the morning looking through pictures.  A lady that is in our adoption group is making a slide show to celebrate the upcoming Gotcha Day. 

It was fun going down memory lane and made me realize once again how quickly time is passing. 
Then we loaded up the van and headed out.  The first stop was to drop some things off at the monthly hazardous recycle.
Then it was to Lowe's for a kids workshop.
While we were there we picked up a few things.
We picked up a quick lunch and made couple stops before hitting the grocery store.
We only needed some fresh fruit and veggies and then picked up something for dinner.
Once home it was time to get everything put away.  One of our stops was to pick up some summer shirts for myself. 
I really needed these as most of my current summer shirts have developed holes.  While I put things away and tidied up a few things Megan and Chuck headed out to put a few things away in the shed. 
Before dinner Megan worked on her spelling and then practiced the piano.
We are really longing for warmer days and time outside.  Temperatures above freezing and sunshine was enough to convince us to fire up the grill. 

Of course there is always housework to be done.  I washed four loads of laundry.

Ran the vacuum for the fifth time in three days. Yikes!
Then it was time to settle down for the evening.  Megan took a shower and then we popped some corn and enjoyed a movie.
Before bed we have been reading a loud the Little House books and I ordered this since we finished Little House on the Prairie
Then it was off to bed for Megan.  I started a coffee cake for Sunday morning and then it wasn't long before I was off to bed myself.
I know daylight savings time only changes by an hour but it really messes me up.  I knew I would need to get to bed so I would be fresh for church.  I hope you enjoyed a coming along for a little peek into my Saturday.
May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I enjoyed seeing what you did on Sat. I love glimpses in to everyday life. May I ask: where did you buy your new summer shirts? I, too, am in need of shirts and I know you found them at the best price point!!Thanks!

  2. Busy Saturday!! I have been so out of grilling mode that when it dawned on me that we could grill, I didn't have the meat, so we just talked about grilling. lol. Soon, but might wait until after the snow on Wednesday. I hope it is not very much.

  3. Hi there! I would love to know where you found your summer shirts! I need to replace a few and am looking for pretty ones like the ones you found! Sounds like a very fun Saturday : )

  4. You had a very full and productive day! I haven't tried the Lowe's kids club yet, but it looks like Megan had fun! You are such a great mama!


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