Monday, December 09, 2013


There is something special about watching the first snow of the season.  We received about five inches and thankfully missed all of the ice!

The kids were begging to get out and play.  The boys didn't bring snow pants so I ended up bringing in the snow and they had *snow* much fun! 

Many different kinds of pies were made that afternoon.

Saturday afternoon we went to my parents to bake cookies and I packed Megan's snow gear.   She had a blast playing with her cousin. 

Sunday afternoon Megan and Daddy headed over the Papaw's house for some sledding.  It was her first time and I was sad to have to miss it.  I wasn't feeling well and ended up at Immediate Care.  Once again I have bronchitis.  Ugh... hopefully it won't linger on as it did last year. 

Apparently she had a little trouble steering and keep going off the sledding trail.  Chuck said it was good for a few laughs.   I am looking forward to hitting the hill with her next time. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!  


  1. Snow days are so much fun! I used to bring buckets full of snow inside for sally when she was a baby - : ) have a great day

  2. We enjoyed the snow, too!


  3. Pretty pictures! We have snow too and may get more this afternoon. And it is still Autumn!

  4. We got all ICE...Love all the snow pictures.

  5. I am sorry you missed the sledding expedition. Grace has bronchitis as well. 3 trips to the doctor this week, one breathing treatment in the office, finally they gave her an inhaler to have here at home. That seems to be helping. I pray you get well quickly. God bless.

  6. Oh, your pics are so lovely! I cannot Imagine all that snow; it's 83 degrees here today. ;)

  7. We've got snow, too. The kids sledded today.


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