Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Capturing the Moment

We are blessed to attend a wonderful Bible based church.  There is a family there that really has a heart for children.  In fact they bought several acres years ago and have been building a youth ministry.  Their daughter is close to Megan's age so she is in the same class with her at church.  This couple volunteer to teach the class Megan is in at least three Sundays a month.  They are wonderful!

One of the things that they encourage is quiet time.  Each week they have a quiet time sheet that the children can pick up.  Megan mentioned it a couple of times and I said she should pick one up if she wanted.  A couple of weeks passed and she brought one home.

Each evening we go into Megan's room and as a family read from a Bible bedtime story book.  After the story it has questions so it encourages us to discuss what we just read.  Anyway, after reading Megan prays and then she gets 15 minutes of quiet time.  Sometimes she would draw and other times she would read.  We are flexible about what she does as long as she stays in bed and is quiet.  After bringing home the sheet from church she started to have true quiet time.  Be still my heart!

Fast forward to the end of the week and we are back at church.  When we took Megan to her class we told Mike and Pam about Megan's quiet time.  After church Pam came looking for me to tell me that Megan was such an encouragement to the class.  That they mentioned that someone had completed quiet time for a week and they mentioned Megan's name.  She said she was all smiles.  They have an offering time were the children offer something they will do that week to honor God.  Pam said that most of the children followed Megan's example and said they were going to have quiet time this week! 

Megan is continuing to have quiet time each evening and makes it a priority. The thing that warms my heart is that no one made her do this.  With a little bit of encouragement she took the initiative to do this herself.  It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how God is working in her little heart.  We are super proud of her!


  1. What a tender and loving soul she has. You should have a proud heart MOM, well done.

  2. That is wonderful! I noticed the sheet instructs to ask God to give understanding before reading. That is key to getting something out of Scripture-for all of us. As she does that, the Holy Spirit will reveal Truth to her heart!

    One thing some of our church leaders say that is so true--"There is no little Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit that is in our hearts is the same Holy Spirit in a child's heart. We don't have to dumb things down for kids!

    I pray she will always have a desire to grow closer to God!

  3. Reading this made my heart very happy! I love it when children fall in love with the Word. Thanks so much for sharing this and I pray God's blessings upon your little Megan! God bless.

  4. what a precious site..our daughter from china is the same way she is in love with the Lord. Reads and prayers faithfully. And she set the example at church for all the children. I know that your heart is our is. Blessings

  5. Praise the Lord! May her desire for His Word continue and increase!


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