Tuesday, August 06, 2013

School Work Binders

I have thought about closing my blog.  Blogging isn't what it use to be.  So much of it is about picture perfect homes, numbers and a lot of advertising.  Many of these things set the average person up for failure and discontent.  Not to mention the many who leave unkind comments.  Really, it you don't like what you see or read then don't come back to that blog!  I have also gleaned some great inspiration and made some wonderful connections. 

I haven't been taking the time like I use to for blogging.  This on again off again thought has been there for some time.  As I was working on making the binder covers for some school organization I couldn't find a picture.  I ended up searching my blog for it.  It led me back to 2010 and as I was scanning that time and remembering how little Megan was and all that  had happened it hit me that for that reason alone I need to keep going.  Journaling bits and pieces of our life this way is really priceless.

So now onto the reason I was looking for pictures...   I admit that right now I am a mess!  I have been running on empty for what seems like forever.  I know that I have mentioned that our summer was busy and hectic.  I am now in the mode to take control of the mess and get things together!

I started with Megan's school work.  My mom gave me this organizer right before preschool.  It is super cute! 

This is only Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten.  I knew that it wasn't going to work.  By the time 2nd grade ends it would be so full that it would be a disaster waiting to happen.  I would not be happy if everything ended up in a pile on the floor.

A former co-worker of mine posted on Facebook about how she stored school work for her kids.  I loved it and decided to give it a try.

She used the school picture of her children, but I decided to use the photo that I taken on the first day of school for the cover.  Now that it is done the only thing I would do different is to add the school year.

I used page protectors for all of Megan's work and began with preschool items.

I put artwork, select worksheets, short stories, awards, report card and even ribbons for field day in the binders.  My mom suggested I add a copy of immunization records for that year.   Which might be helpful in the future.  When I applied for my marriage certificate I had to show that I had a certain shot.  The doctors office was no longer in business and I didn't know where to go for my records.  My mom had keep all of my childhood immunization records and fortunately the county accepted it as proof.  You just never know when you might need that record.

At the end of the book I created collages for all of the field trips, classroom parties and any other special activity.

I have one binder down and two to go.  Megan enjoys looking at the completed binder.  I love that everything will be neat and tidy.  I also like the idea of having a place to put the special items that are coming home for this year.

May your day filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I enjoy following your blog, Wendi. What a neat way to organize schoolwork. I keep some of the kids' papers in a binder,but I like the idea of putting a photo on the cover.

  2. Wendi.... please please please do not shut down your blog. It is SO discouraging to read and see the "super" blogs and see their homes. I don't say that to be ugly.... but the endless shopping sprees, the picture perfect homes. I don't have that, and I know SO many don't. Your blog has been real for me. It encourages me in so many ways. Your home is DARLING... it is real, and your family, precious. I am encouraged, and reach for your blog.... not those others. I hope I'm making sense. We NEED real blogs, not "keeping up with the Jones" blogs.
    Big Hugs....
    Longview Texas

  3. I love this idea! I made a binder like yours for Darbee's pre-k year last year and found it to be such an easy way to organize and a fun memory binder to look back on. I hope you don't decide to quit blogging. I read a blog post not too long ago about "keeping it real." There are too many bloggers out there that try to be so perfect. We are all human. All of our homes get messy. All of our lives get chaotic. We are all different. That's what makes each blog so special. I enjoy reading your posts and keeping up with Megan. Hope she is enjoying 2nd grade and having fun!
    Have a super day.

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    This reminds me of the portfolios that we need to keep for homeschooling here in Pennsylvania. Being required to make them can and does often cause me to grouse about it...doesn't "have to" seem a natural way to produce that result? Thank you for sharing this as it has given me a new way to look at keeping them. I also agree with Breahn, please don't stop blogging. I may not comment much but I do enjoy your blog and hope to see more in the future.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog, because it is down to earth and genuine! Plus, since you are in my area, I can really relate to the material. I sure hope you keep going...

    Cute idea with the binder! I am homeschooling, but I can still use this for keeping records! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes, blogging has changed a lot. I have found that my favorite blogs are the smaller ones. The ones that are about real life and not all sponsored giveaways! You are one of my dear blogging friends so I'm glad you're deciding to keep blogging at this time.

  7. Wendi, I have quit and moved my blogs several times because I was either burned out or because I felt inferior to the bigger blogs. But I always come back and anymore, I don't get upset when I do have to take a blogging break.
    You are right about so many blogs looking perfect- well, I can't really relate to them at all. I've spent most of the summer cleaning out and tweaking my home, it looks great to me, but when I photograph it, I know it looks nothing like magazine homes.
    But that is OK. It is normal that you would feel tired with a young daughter and doing childcare and taking care of your home.
    I am going to keep blogging and I hope you do too. Years to come, we will have these digital diaries that we can look and our families can remember recipes, family events and good times with them.

    Your school binder is a great idea. I kept almost none of my childrens schoolwork and I regret not having it now.

  8. I think you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! I have not posted on mine in a year but am really feeling the need to do it again. I have been so busy this past year, I returned to work part-time and with all of J's many activities, I am having a hard time keeping everything done around here! But like you said, it is a great record of bits and pieces of our day to day life.
    I love the binder idea and will have to get all of J's things out of boxes and in to binders!! Thanks!

  9. Wendi, it sounds like you realized that your blog is more for your family than anyone else. We all love a peek into your ideas for living a simple life, but it must be even more meaningful for you to revisit posts from previous seasons of your life.

  10. I'm glad you are not abandoning your blog.

    Your blog is honest, inspiring and very down to earth.

    You are a great mom, and have great ideas!


  11. I'm glad you are going to continue with your blog! I really enjoy it. :)

    I love your idea for saving Megan's school work - I have saved my daughter's but have yet to put any of it except for this past year in a book. Be happy you started now & aren't waiting until 6th grade! I figure I'll have all kinds of time to do that when she's in college. haha

  12. I personally enjoy your blog, Wendi! I enjoy all the adventures of your sweet Megan, your lovely and homey organizing and craft ideas, but mostly I just learning about a sweet friend who loves the Lord and her family. I've felt the way you have about blogging though. It took me time to figure out why I continue ~ as a record to look back on, to gain insight from others ~ and I really only blog when I have the time now. It sure is a fun tool!

    Your binders are precious. I know Megan will love looking at these now but really appreciate them as the years go by. Great job!

    Have a lovely weekend~

  13. Our sentiments on the pros and cons of blogging are very similar. :) I have enjoyed watching your precious Megan grow into a lovely little girl, and I've always appreciated your genuine sweetness. Do it for you, and forget about the masses. :)


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