Monday, August 19, 2013


I have been faithfully checking the grape arbor.  After last years drought and little production the year before that I have been joyfully watching them grow.  They started to turn a couple of weeks ago.  I slowly watched them start to disappear.  Not that I can blame the critters for wanting a snack but I am not willing to share!  I would have liked to have left them on the vine a while longer but not wanting to risk my bounty I went ahead and harvested them.  Almost five gallons!

While the boys napped I sat on the back porch and plucked the ripe ones from the vine.  I feel like saying we have been blessed the past week or so with wonderful weather is an understatement.  It has certainly made my task more enjoyable.

Our weekend was full.  So full that I wasn't sure I could get these taken care of.   Not wanting them to go bad I made sure to work them down before we left Saturday morning.

I have this wonderful juice waiting for when I have more time.  I plan to clear an afternoon this week and get it done. 

Can I say again how much I enjoy backyard gardening.  Not only because I know what I am feeding my family, but the satisfaction of knowing I made it is a wonderful feeling.  :)

If you would like to see how I make grape jelly you can go here

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Can you believe that we are still waiting to harvest our back yard garden? We are! We got a late start and then we got so much rain that the crops are still growing, or still green so we are still waiting to harvest. It better come soon. Your grapes looks wonderful. Well done.

  2. Beautiful! Enjoy.

    We love our garden produce, too!


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