Friday, August 16, 2013

Crate Create

I have been seeing crates all over the place. I looked here and there at them but the prices were more then I was willing to pay. The wheels started turning and I asked Chuck if he still had scrap from our fence project.  Sure enough he did. 

I have an idea to use the crate in my fall decorating.  A few measurements were made and we kicked around an idea or two.  The pickets ripped in half and then cut to the appropriate length.

 Chuck is great about taking an idea I have and making it not only reality but ten times better then I imagined.

I wanted the crate to look like something that might have been used for harvest on the farm.  I printed off the wording I wanted in Word (incase you are wondering I used the font Impact).   The name of the farm is a play on our last name. I then taped the wording on the slat and traced it with a pencil.  It made just enough of an imprint that I could trace and color them in with a sharpie.  I then let it sit overnight to give the marker time to dry.

I then stained it.  I used cherry stain as that is what I had on hand. 

 I think it turned out great!  The best part is it cost no out of pocket money.  My kind of project! 

 May your day filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Very cool, Wendi! I love it!

  2. Oh I love the finished product, what a great idea :)

  3. I love it!! :-) It came out just perfect!

  4. Very cute!

    I found another way to transfer lettering onto wood from printed paper. It is very simple and quick. You color the back of the paper where the lettering is with white chalk. Then, you lay the paper where you want the lettering, and trace the outline of the letters with pencil. This will leave a thin line of chalk on the wood. Then, you just paint over the lettering. :) I have used it several times for signs I've made!
    I found it a while ago on the internet, so I don't remember the source...

  5. What a great idea. Have a wonderful day with your family.

  6. I love that...that is so cool.


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