Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring!

I have struggled a little with getting my spring things out. The calendar says spring but I think Mother Nature forgot it starts today. I know that soon it will be here. I will keep telling myself that anyway!

I found these flower heads in the dollar section at Michaels.  I painted and added some dowels for stems.   I will be able to keep these out all summer.  Except when I have fresh flowers.  I am going to try growing a cutting garden this year.  Well, that is another post...

I made this banner based on this.  I had forgotten all about it until I saw another blogger mention it. 

I spent lots of time in the kitchen and it puts my thoughts into perspective every time I look at it. 

I came back later and tucked a couple of wooden bunnies in the window sill.   I hope to put a couple of pansies into the empty pots. 

Making the crosses was a spur of the moment thing.  Chuck likes them so much that I think I will find a permanent home for them later. 

The simplest thing is also one of my favorite things.  Megan loves window clinks and we placed a row of flowers on the bottom of the living room window.  Each time I look out the window I see them over the edge of the couch and it makes me smile. 

Welcome Spring!  I am looking to enjoying so many things you have to offer! 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Those crosses are so neat, Wendi. Can you email me or post more on how you made them? Thanks.

    Our high today was in the mid-20's--not very spring-like!

  2. Love all your spring touches, and you have such a beautiful back yard too, I wouldn't mind a view like that from my kitchen window ;)

    Love the crosses, and your garland, beautiful :)

  3. Hey Wendi! I know what you mean. We've had snow, ice, and cold wind all week. Not spring-like at all! I LOVE those little crosses you made. I just might have to copy you, if you don't mind! What a nice, simple statement those little crosses make! I like that banner too!

  4. Wendi, everything looks so springy at your house! I don't have that many spring decorations and for some reason spring decor just doesn't look so well in my I just add little tiny touches and then wait for time to put our summer touches.

    Your little Megan is going to be a little decorator. She knows what she likes!

    Happy Spring to you!

  5. Love all of your spring touches. Especially like the crosses. Darbee too enjoys the window clings. Hope you have a super day!

  6. Well, if you were behind in getting out spring decor, you certainly have caught up!! It all looks like it has been made/placed with love.
    I've made a different Easter garland each year for the past three. I need to remember them from year to year so I don't make any more!

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Love all of your decorations and the crosses are so neat.
    We are having our winter here with snow, icy roads and cold temps.
    I am hoping for some sign of spring before we go directly into summer.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Your spring decorations are so lovely. I would like the instructions on the crosses as well. I think it would be a wonderful craft for VBS. Well, for anything but I seem to have VBS on my mind lately. It getting that time. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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