Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In the Kitchen

Saturday there was nothing on the calendar and we stayed home all day.   The morning was lazy and the afternoon was the perfect time to putter in the kitchen.

Some milk was about to go bad.  Certainly unusual around here as we are usually on the verge of running out of milk.  I decided to make sausage and chipped beef gravy for the freezer. 

Did you know that making cookies is a dangerous job? 

Megan must think so!  Dangerous or not the cookie jar is now full. 

I tried my hand at making barbecue sauce. 

Anyone who experiments in kitchens knows that sometimes you find a winner and sometimes you don't.  In this case the BBQ sauce was not a winner.  Not that it was bad, but not to our liking.   

I am looking forward to another afternoon where I can putter in the kitchen.  a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I love just hanging out in the kitchen. Once I'm done cooking lots of great meals for the freezer, I love to shine up the kitchen and take a photo of it - cuz you know it will not stay that clean for very long! Great day for you both. Love the kitchen helper.

  2. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen when I don't feel pressed for time. But I will have to say that most days I do feel pressed for time! I also seem to enjoy summer cooking more. I think it's the easy access to all the fresh veggies outside my backdoor! Oh, and thanks for your prayers, Wendi! I do appreciate them so much.

  3. Good for you for attempting a homemade sauce!

    Love your helmet-clad cookie baker ~ I think our 3 year old needs to wear a helmet in the house more often! :-) Might have to show him this picture!

    Hope you are having a good week~

  4. I think my hubby would really enjoy your sausage gravy. He eats it for breakfast when traveling. But I have never made it.
    How do you get your cookies to be so nicely shaped?

  5. You know I love being in the kitchen :)

    It was funny you mentioned the milk thing, that's happened to me and I also find it weird when it does go bad cause we usually run out lol

  6. Yummy fresh crisp beans and cookies just made my day. Love the helmet. Got my eye on your next posts.

  7. I love days when I can just hang around in the kitchen. The only problem with puttering around the kitchen is that somehow the food tends to end up in my mouth.
    Homemade BBQ sauce sure saves money and you can tweak it to your tastes. Don't give up, allrecipes.com has a great list of BBQ sauce recipes and you can look at the top rated ones so you don't lose time on junk recipes. :0)

    Anyhoo, loved the helmet!

  8. I make sausage gravy ahead of time and freeze it. Makes breakfast go much faster. God bless.

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