Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cleaning Produce

When I return from the grocery I like to clean all of my produce.

I use a vinegar solution of one part vinegar to ten parts water.  I let it soak for about half an hour.  I would love to purchase more organic produce, but that is hard on the budget. 

The first few times you do this you might be surprised by the cloudy water and stuff floating in it.  Especially grapes.  Using this solution helps to prolong the life and prevent molding of grapes and berries. 

Another perk to cleaning all of your produce at once is that you can go ahead and prep it.  Grapes don't last long around here so I pull them off of the vine. The littles snack on them often.

I find that if I go ahead and clean and slice carrots I am more likely to snack on them.   There is not always time during the day to stop and peel and slice a carrot.  Having everything clean and ready for use helps us to eat more fruits and veggies. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I've used the vinegar/water wash in the past. It does work amazingly well. I've never soaked mine for 30 minutes, though. I suppose that would be more effective in getting off all the nasties! Have you ever washed strawberries in that wash? Talk about nasty cloudy water! I was amazed at how much junk came off of the berries!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Wendi! I purchased some kind of veggie scrub cloth a couple of years ago, but don't know where that is at the moment...guess it's not doing much good right now! =) I rarely scrub things immediately after purchase, and I think this is a great idea to have it all done! Thanks!

  3. I need to try this--have read about it before but haven't done it yet.

    Do you think it helps wash off some of the pesticides?

    Having everything ready to eat would be very nice! I do some of that but not nearly often enough!

  4. What a nice tip, thanks for sharing. I've used the vinegar/water soak in the past, but not long enough as I see you do yours longer than me. Nice to know.

  5. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  6. This is something I did not know. I will be trying this.

  7. Hmm. I've never done this, Wendi! I remember my mom buying a bottle of a fruit/veggie wash (called Fit, maybe?) one time but I don't think she made a habit of it, and I just do a quick rinse. Will have to try this soon.

  8. I like the idea of letting the produce soak, but doesn't it all float? I use baking soda to wash them off as I need them, but I love the idea of doing it all at once. Imagine the time and water savings. Now that you have answered the question of whether this helps the produce to last longer, I am definately going to try it after my next shopping trip (tomorrow).

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  10. I have never even thought about doing it. I know lots of folks in central America do it but didn't know they did it in the States. I may try it. When we first got to Croatia the fruit was totally clean with no weird coating but it's changing now so I may try this.
    Thanks for the tips!

  11. We do the same here, so many chemicals etc sitting on foods now. And the fresher the better...we can't keep fruits long the girls gobble them up quick :-)
    Have a great weekend!



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