Monday, February 18, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I have spent more time then normal away from home... dentist, eye doctor appointment, school activities and then the normal stuff.  Before I knew it a week had gone by. 

I didn't have the boys on Friday and Chuck took the day off.  We snuck off for breakfast after Megan was off to school.  It was nice to be able to talk.  We called it our project meeting. 

So many projects that we ended up starting a second page!  Things we want to do and things we need to do.  We have lived in our current home for almost 12 years and there are some things that we must attend to this year.  Window boxes that Chuck built and installed when we first moved in need some maintenance and things like that.  Thankfully as the list grew longer Chuck didn't get up and head for the hills!

He actually dove right in and started on a shelving unit for the laundry area. 

Megan and I spent a little time talking about the garden.

I can hardly wait to get started.  I think this planning session may have added another project or two to the list.  lol I am going to try and add an area for some blueberry and blackberry bushes.  I heard on the news today that beef prices are projected to rise 10% this summer.  That means that I need to grow as much as possible to be able to buy meat!

Remember when I posted about my addiction to making pom poms?  I made a decorative stole for Megan.

After I made it I saw one in an ad in a parenting magazine.  When I saw that I decided to look them up.   I was shocked at the $28.00 price tag!  Super easy to make and I paid $2.77 for the yarn and used it for a couple a different projects. 

She was so excited when it showed it to her.   She said she is going wear it to church on Sunday. 

We have been up and moving around here.

Dropping a few pounds and getting healthy is the name of the game!  We walk the mall, but I am not sure it that is going to work for us.  We left the dinner table and went to walk and all we heard from Megan as we walked past the food stands was how hungry she was.  I think we might go broke if we walk there! 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. That first pic makes me smile because we took N&N ice skating a couple weeks ago, and they used something similar to help them stay up.

    Wow, that's a lot of projects!

  2. Love your project list! We have a growing list too.

    I need to get garden plans going too. I've been looking into buying more organic produce on the things that are high in pesticides(which happen to be our favorites!)and really, the prices motivate me to grow as much as I can myself.

  3. Megan looks so poised and grown up in the picture where she is garden planning!
    Your project list is quite ambitious. What a blessing to have a handy, industrious husband.

  4. Aww. Your daughter is so darn cute! Love the stole.

  5. We have lived here almost 13 years and yes, the projects never seem to get completed. It makes me feel good to make a list though. I love the pom pom stole. It's nice that you and Chuck could have some time. Grocery prices are getting way out of hand. Along with everything else. I hope you have a great day.


  6. Your picture of Megan skating is so good. I had to show it to Hubby. What a neat idea. Good luck with all your projects. Shelves are so handy to have. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. When I put up a project list, Gerry runs fast!!! Not to the hardware store however, he just runs away! I have toease him into household projects. Lucky you. Love the pom poms and you sure did save a lot by making them yourself.

  8. Love the pom pom stole ~ darling ~ and a great savings!

    My hubby and I are in project mode too. Trying to take on one at a time as we are able.

    I hope you post on your nightstands when you paint them ~ fun!



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