Sunday, September 02, 2012

Saturday Breakfast

All week we have been hearing that Issac would be moving into Indiana and the weekend would be wet.  After a very dry summer rain is certainly welcome!  I think rainy days are meant to be slow.  What better way to start a slow, rainy day then with a leisurely breakfast. 

Before we headed to bed Friday evening I pulled the outside table to the middle of the back porch.  I wasn't sure how heavy it would be raining and wanted to be sure to have dry place to serve breakfast. When I woke up Saturday there was no rain.  So much for Mr. Weatherman's forecast!

If you have been around for a while you know that I have a love for mason jars.  They are so cute and super practical!  Two things that make this girl happy. :)  When I saw this post I knew what I would be serving. 

While these were baking Megan and I got busy making some freshly squeezed orange juice. 

I like my orange juice really cold.  I usually add ice to it, but I don't like it when the ice melts and it gets watered down.  To remedy this I made some orange juice ice cubes the night before.  Problem solved!

I have seen this idea on many blogs.  I thought it would be the icing on the cake along with the breakfast in a jar.

Breakfast was rounded out with hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit. 

We ended up sitting outside for a long time.  Enjoying the sound of the world waking up and the company and silliness of the ones I love most!  . 

Please visit Tammy for some great Pintrest inspirations.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Wendi, I just love Mason jars as well. I even named my youngest after them! I made two redneck wine glasses this weekend and while we don't drink wine except for special occasions, I discovered last night that they make fantastic ice cream/dessert holders! I will have to try your pin. My daughter loves OJ!

  2. I LOVE Mason jars...I have a special board just for mason jars on my pinterest account. I just clicked on over and started following you. :) Your breakfast and the spot...and the time together sounds absolutely PERFECT. Please come say hi. :)

  3. Wendi,

    Anything in a mason jar automatically gets my attention. How much more charming it is! I loved all of those ideas including yours of making oj ice cubes! Your table setting looks so homey and cozy! I know the best part was just spending time together as a family! You are making wonderful memories!

    Thanks for participating!

  4. This looks so nice! I know your family appreciates the effort to put in to making ordinary life special for them!

  5. I think you may love mason jars as much as I do :) Love serving food in them, or drinks or decorating etc.

    Looks like a great breakfast ;)

  6. What an awesome and great post of ideas. Thanks for sharing! It looked like a perfect morning outside.

  7. I make tea and coffee ice cubes for the same reason! Great minds really do think alike. Love the whole breakfast idea you created for your family. I'm so glad you didn't get soaked.

  8. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing them. Your table looks so inviting. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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