Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Orchard

I joined Megan's class on a field trip to the apple orchard. Do you see apples on these trees? 
Just a few here and there.  Due to freeze after the trees had blossomed and a hale storm they said that 1 out of every 10 apples is good.  Wow!  All of the good apples have been picked and the damaged ones left on the trees will be used for cider.  

This is first time I have been to this orchard and the views were beautiful. 

We were able to tour the kitchen.  The ladies were making apple and blueberry pies.  Sold by the slice or frozen to take home.

That is a lot of pie dough to roll out!

Did say that I enjoyed the scenery?!

There was a small area with animals that was a hugh hit. 

Although I was disappointed in this trip as we were not able to pick apples (and for a few other reason I won't go into) I had a special moment with Megan that made it all worth it.  I took her to the store to buy her a apple cider slush.  We went out and sat on a bench so she could drink it and she said isn't this nice and quiet.  She then went on to say that we don't get this very often.  I hope stores that memory of a little bit of peace and quiet quiet shared together because I know I sure will! It reaffirmed to me again that it is the simple things that matter most. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. it is sad the apple crop was so bad. Looks like it was a very sweet day anyway though

    I picked apples years ago with a friend, it was a farm she knew about with a bunch of friendly red angus cows also enjoying the apples. We both picked a big feed sack of apples, all free. I made apple pies at home froze them, about a dozen, made as many as I could until I ran out of shortening for the crust. I also made a big tray of caramel apples for a church event, all from scratch. That is a fun memory too .

  2. What a fun field trip!

  3. Great pics, I would have enjoyed the pie dough part the best!!

  4. We have been to Appleworks before, and we really liked it. However, Anderson's Orchard in the Acton area does have apples you can pick. We went there a couple weeks ago. FUN!


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