Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little of This & That

I felt like I was getting back into the posting groove last week. Ha! Anyway, this is a little bit of what has been happening.

Remember when I posted about Chuck making a box for me?  I finally got it placed. 

Space is limited in my home and I was looking for a space to put seasonal decor.  I love the idea of having a space to put out a little something special. 

Megan has been making stories.  I love this stage!

It says "God made apples and he made trees filled with apples." The other pages list apples, seeds, noodles, whole apples and apple pie.  I think it is adorable the way she wrote some of the words such as apple piyye.  Cute!   I can't keep everything, but I put this one in the keepsake box.

We spent a Friday evening out with friends. 

Megan lost another tooth.  This is number three. 

With the other two her permanent teeth were about half way through when the others came out.  Finally with this one there is the cute little gap!

I have been doing the Good Morning Girls bible study of Colossians.  It has been good for me.  It is getting me into the routine of quiet time and doing this with a group is very encouraging!

Most mornings this is where you can find me about 7:45.

Chuck and his dad finished up the fence this weekend.

This gate leading to the back portion of our yard was all that was left to be able to say the yard was fully fenced.  Now we just need to power wash and stain the rest.  Not sure that is getting completed this year.  We'll see.

So that is a little bit of what has been going on around here.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Love that shelf and how you arranged everything, looks delightful!
    What a sweet story, do you find it difficult to choose what artwork and stories to keep? I find myself wanting to keep them all! :-) I find taking pictures of the work is helpful.
    Have a wonderful day!


  2. So what is the going rate for a tooth these days? The tooth fairy will have to stay current you know. Love the decor of your home, so inviting and I really like the fence. Glad you are now all enclosed.

  3. Your decorations are beautiful. It is nice to have a fenced in place.

    I have kept some of the special "books" that my kids have made. The others I wish I would have had a digital camera at the time to take pictures.

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Love your fence, Wendi! I can see lots of photo moments there! :)

    I love the book Megan created! I love that stage too. I love to encourage budding writers! And she looks cute with her missing tooth! Joy lost her first one at 4...and I wasn't ready for that at all!

    Love your fall decorating display!


  5. Your decorations look so nice. I want to check out the bible study. I think they is no better way to begin a day than with the Lord. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Hi Wendi!

    I love getting comments so you could have written as much as you wanted,
    lol. Yes Hayley is growing out her bangs. I've actually avoided it until
    this point, but being she is in 6th grade I am letting her. It drives me
    nuts though as it sometimes hangs in her eyes, I usually suggest she wear
    clips while growing it out.
    Hope you have a great night :-)


  7. Love your shelf. It all looks so nice.

  8. Love your shelf, so cute :)

    And I love your fenced in place and the gate, looks wonderful.

    Hope you're having a good day.


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