Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

The weekend was full of non stop fun! We had family come in from Iowa for a family reunion. We started out Friday evening at my father-in-laws.   Chuck's dad is like a big kid himself.  He lives on several acres and took the kids for ride after ride in his cart. 

You can probably tell that Megan was having a blast!

There are woods at the back of his property and the kids spent lots of time walking the trails.

It was actually cool enough Friday evening for a bonfire and fireworks. 

I didn't take one picture while at the reunion.  I was too busy taking care of food and keeping an eye on Megan.  It was hot again Saturday and when things started to wind down I suggested we head back to our home.

A group of us went bowling Saturday evening. 

This was Megan's first time.  She is already asking when we can go again. 

After church on Sunday we headed back to my father-in-law's for some more family time.  Here are the cousins watching their crazy dads having a ping pong tournament. 

There were some crafts.

Again the cart rides were a hit. 

This is Chuck's cousin Melanie and her family.  They farm in Iowa and it had been three years since we had seen them.  We get along great and immediately clicked like we had seen each other last week.  We agreed that we don't want to go three years before getting together again.

It has taken me all day to recover from our whirlwind weekend, but I am thankful for family!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Wendi,

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Megan is all smiles! I know you made lots of memories! Thanks for sharing your family with us!


  2. What a fun time to get together. We don't get together as we are so spread out across the country.

    What memories for the cousins. I do remember times with my cousins growing up.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  3. Looks like so much fun and I love spending time in the country. Good memories are always made there :-)
    Have a great week!


  4. Oh, what fun!!! It is hard to get together with everyone spread out but I think it is important to make the time to do it. I'm glad Megan will have these memories. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. Oh what fun and what memories you made! Save these photos to retell the story this winter when it's so cold out side.

  6. Looks like a lot of good times and lots of smiles.


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