Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy, Busy

Sounds like a broken record doesn't it? :) I like a slow simple life, but it feels like it has been anything but that lately. Things are moving along at warp speed and I am ready to slow things down. I am sure that we all have moments in our lives that seem a little more hectic then other. Anyway, this is some of the things that have been happening around my place.

Megan covering up the green bean seeds. She was a big help in the garden.

There are carrots, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, cucumbers and zucchini planted in the main garden.

My girl has a summer birthday and during the last two weeks of school you can pick a day to celebrate with your classmates.  On Friday I sent in cookies and goodie bags.

The goodie bags included a mini watering can, sand rake and a water ball.  A cute tag was attached and now it is time to patiently wait for the school year to wrap up.

Chuck used scrap fencing to make some cute planters for the boys I watch.  Painting with a 19 month old and an almost 3 year old at the same time was interesting.  Certainly a learning experience.  I told Chuck it looked like a paint explosion in the kitchen.  Once the explosion was over I used a dry brush to blend all of the paint blobs together.  I then let the boys decorate the front with a paint marker. 

I loved they way they looked after the boys used the marker.  I hope mom liked them too. 

I have been working on the never ending task of weed pulling.  Then the fun part of planting and getting to look a pretty spot. 

The early spring has done wonders in the garden.  The clematis is full of blooms, blossoms and is pure joy to look at. 

Of course in all the happenings there was a Mother's Day.  I was treated to breakfast out before heading to the grocery on Saturday.  Sunday morning brought cards and a new pair of earrings.  Chuck told me that Megan took money out of her piggy bank to buy them.  That makes them even more special! 

I made an angel food cake and fruit truffle to take to my parents Sunday evening. 

The boys grilled out and I spent a pleasant evening sitting on porch swing.  Surrounded by the ones I love makes for a great day!  Hope you all have a great week. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Busy, Busy, is the time of year for us as well. I imagine it was a great feeling to have the planting done and the great help.

    I love the flower planters. The boys did a great job on them.

    Your dessert looks really good.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  2. It all looks wonderful and fun. Love the gardens, ours is still not even started as we are due for anoher cold spell up here - can you believe it? The dessert looks really good!!

  3. A good kind of busy, and I am right there with you! it's been crazy-busy around here too, I am also ready for things to calm down a bit, but have a feeling summer may be even busier!
    Love the treats you sent to school for Megan's birthday. Jonathan also has a summer birthday (he's 2 weeks older than Megan!) and I have been thinking of what to do at school for his birthday. With a class of 27 children, treats have to be simple! I'm thinking maybe cookies and bubbles for everyone..

  4. We have been extra busy too. Your pictures are lovely. The dessert looks very good. I love fruit. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. We are really busy here, too. Last week was a total blur -with a huge school project due for my daughter, teacher appreciation week, field trip & 2 doctor's appointments (what was I thinking when I scheduled those?) I'm hardly remember any of it! Good thing I took pictures!

    I like things simple too and it seems like with every year my daughter is in school things get busier. Looking forward to summer vacation to slow things down. Hopefully...

    Your yard is beautiful. I always love seeing your pictures of it. :)

  6. Those cookies and tags are so cute!

  7. How lucky those little boys are to have a care giver like you! What fun things you do with them. :) I love the planters. Your trifle looks scrumptious. Mia would love those cookies. What a cute birthday ideal. It has been crazy hectic around here too. Not enough hours in the day. Hope things slow down for you.



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