Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Week Ends...

and I am so grateful. This had been a looooong week. I started feeling under the weather last Saturday. I still have a nagging cough and very little energy. My week consisted of the bare necessities. To top it off the little guy I watch ended up with the stomach flu. Not a fun week, but I don't think you can truly enjoy the great things without a few trials.

Here are some random pictures.

My beloved tulips for Valentine's Day.

Megan playing school.

Utensil crock that says "happiness is meant to be shared." How true!

An old pair of binocular from Grammi and Grandpa (my parents). They are quite the hit.

Great for bird watching.

Reading to Daddy.

Enjoying some rare flurries. It is still winter, isn't it?

I have orders to spend the entire weekend at home resting. Chuck and Megan are out on a few errands. I think I might grab some yarn and try my hand at some crocheting.

One more thing. If you are a homeschooling family in the state of Indiana and would be willing to chat, please, leave me your contact info. :)

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Very sweet pictures!
    Hope your all feeling well again soon.

  2. Feel better soon. We had that stomach bug and it took a lot out of us and we don't have little ones around us. Poor you.
    Love the photos and we got snow snow flurries here today. Plus it's COLD 27 degrees!
    Now go back to bed and rest.

  3. I hope that you get well quickly. I love the utensil jar.


  4. Wendy, I live in Indiana in the NW part actually and I am a homeschooling family. Here is my info you can contact me if you would like. I love talking about homeschooling.

  5. Wendi, I certainly pray you feel better soon. Take everyone's advice and rest this weekend. I do not live in Indiana but we are a homeschooling family. We live in VA but I love talking homeschool. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. I hope you are taking time to rest and are feeling much better today! It is so difficult whem Mama is sick! Love the pictures! The tulips are beautiful! I, too, received Valentine's Day tulips from my oldest son and his family. They are like spring in a vase!

  7. I hope you are feeling better. Your tulips are beautiful. Have a great day.


  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! Sweet photos. Love the big smile through the flurries!

  9. Love those tulips, so beautiful! Then to see the snow! Isn't the weather just crazy lately? I'm ready for spring to get here and stay here! :-)

    Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful week!


  10. Wendi,

    Hope you feel better soon! It's bad when mama is sick!

    Girls play so much more quietly than boys! :) Megan looks cute playing school! Well she looks cute period.

    Hope your week gets better!


  11. I know several families in the Lafayette area who homeschool...I can get you any of their info that you would like:)

  12. I love all the photos! Especially the one of Megan playing school! My sister and I played school a lot when we were young! :)
    I'm sorry the week was a more difficult one for you...I pray it is much more enjoyable ahead! :)

  13. I live in Indiana and Homeschool. Feel free to email me any questions!


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