Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Weekend

It is tradition that the tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. Megan was so excited she about drove me crazy last week asking how many days until tree day! Things started out great.

In no time the tree was up and ready for the fun stuff. Or so we thought. It is a pre-lit tree and half of the lights were not working. After some trouble shooting it was determined that they were beyond repair. I had to unclasp, untie and cut all of the lights off. Good news is that we did get it finished and the light strings look even better.

Finally we were able to do the fun stuff!

Here it is almost done. My step-mother-in-law used a decorative fence in her decorating one year and we asked to borrow it. Chuck modified it some and this is the finished result.

A tree that I hope is safe from a couple of wild toddlers!

I didn't go out and join in all the crazy shopping Friday morning, but I did step out for a quick run Friday evening. There was a shelving unit that was part of a three day sale. I thought it would be perfect for holding toys in the living room.

The kitchen that I had out was not working. Abe was trying to ride on the doors and Eli dumped out all of the food and dished. I spent Saturday moving things around in Megan's room so the kitchen would fit and swapping toys.

Ahh, much better.

I spent Sunday afternoon working on an Advent.

You can get a free download from Ann at A Holy Experience. I am super excited to do this!

It has been a long, wonderful weekend. I am sorry to see it end.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Wow! You got a lot done! The fence in front of the tree is a good idea with toddlers. Like your toy shelf.

  2. A beautiful tree. We always waited until after our son's birthday on the 30th of November. I love the fence.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  3. Love the fence idea, man I wish I had someone here with a fence to borrow. Since we have the puppy we opted to not put up the big tree this year and only put up the small table top trees that we have so many of. Such a clever person you are!!

  4. Yay! Happy to see you're doing the Jesse Tree! Your tree looks great! We have a prelit tree and the lights only fully worked the very first C-mas we had it. Since then I've had to add strands to it. You're quite a trooper for cutting off all of the lights. I'm sure that was quite a job. They seem to be on our tree pretty securely! Have a blessed day!

  5. I love the fence idea. I am going to pass it down to my oldest. She was wondering how to keep her tree intact with 2 little boys running around. Your tree is so pretty. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. We're putting up our tree tonight, and it's our first year for a pre-lit, so I hope we have better success! Yours looks beautiful.

  7. Your tree looks beautiful, and the fence is a great idea for the little ones :-)We are going to try to get our decorating done this week since we were away for a few days. Have a wonderful week!


  8. Your day sounded a lot like ours except we managed to fix our lights. The fence around the tree looks great. Yours is beautiful. Your are so organized.


  9. The tree looks beautiful. The fence is perfect. I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet, and envy your organizational skills!

  10. Sounds as though you got a lot accomplished over the holiday week-end! The tree is lovely and Megan looks excited!


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