Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I'm Up To

From the picture can you guess what I've been up to?

If you guessed weeding and mulching you would be right! Last year we didn't mulch the flower beds and they are in desperate need this year.

Chuck's aunt made this stepping stone for Megan. It makes me happy to finally have a home for it. Maintaining the flower beds is lots of work but so worth it when you see the beauty.

Megan is all about homemade. She is always saying homemade is better, right Mama? She asked about making homemade orange juice so I picked up a juicer.

It was a hit and next on the list is lemons. Fresh lemonade... yum!

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. I love the smell of mulch don't you? Love the stepping stone as well, so colorful and looks great there in the flower bed.

  2. Cute stepping stone. I am soooo jealous that you are able to be out doing these types of activities. :) Enjoy!! Come say hi.

  3. We need to mulch our beds very badly!

    I love that Megan appreciates homemade things!

  4. Looks great! This is on our to do list, as the weather gets warmer our to do list grows, lol. She is so right, homemade is better ;-)

  5. I love your posts. They always remind to keep things simple and blissful. I now one of your new followers. I have actually been following for a while, but I just made it official:>


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