Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We are fortunate that many of the children from Megan's orphanage live in our area. It is a tradition to get together close to the gotcha day anniversary, which is April 1st.

Now that they are older they are starting to remember each other and form relationships.

This picture is from 2010. It is amazing to watch them grow.

I have been busy baking. Megan's school has a fundraiser called Bakery Day. On Wednesday for 25 cents the kids get to buy a donated baked good.

Yard work is now a regular on the to do list.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass. Ummm!

There is something on my mind that I have wanted to share for a few days. I am having trouble finding the right words. If I can sort it all out be ready for a heavy post. In the mean time I will go about my days with joy in my heart!

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. The grass and flowers look beautiful! Oh my I can't wait for it to look here - we have brown ground and a few patches of snow but with the rain we are getting this week, I hope all the snow will be gone.
    I'm worried about your heavy post and fear that you are about to stop blogging. I understand that your life is busy, but I so enjoy your post. Waiting to hear.....

  2. Wendi - I remember you posting those pics of Megan and her friends last year! That just amazes me that there are so many from her orphanage so close by! That's truly a HUGE blessing ordained by God, wouldn't you say????!!!!

    And consider yourself lucky that you're doing yard work on a consistent basis! I can't wait for that because it means it's warm out!

    Have an awesome and blessed day, dear bloggy friend!

  3. How special!! What a precious bunch of kiddos! Looking forward to your post, Wendi ~ when the words come! Blessings to you and sweet Megan today!

  4. They are adorable and how wonderful you all live close by!

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers...I appreciate it so very much.


  5. I love the pictures of all the girls together. It's so nice that they will be able to grow up knowing each other. Thanks for sharing. :)


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