Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily Stuff

As I am typing this I sit with the window open and hear the gentle sound of rain. The rain has been in abundance this spring. As I took the kids on a walk yesterday afternoon it was obvious that the ground is very saturated. Many of the neighbors yards have standing water.

Yesterday was a full day, as most of my days are. I think that it felt a little fuller then normal because everyone was tired from a busy Easter. The boys I watch left early and Chuck suggested that we go out for dinner. With gas prices now at $4.15 eating out will be a real treat.

On the way home there was a stop at the store for milk and such. There were plenty of clearance flowers and some tulips came home with me.

The are my absolute favorites!

Everyone is itching to get outside. Over the weekend Daddy brought some sand into the garage.

He said if you can't go outside then bring the outside in. This provided fun for a long, long time.

Being silly with last nights snack. My silly girl brings me so much joy!

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. $4.15 for gas! Oh my, we are still at $3.73 and that hurts. Like you going out is a treat and any stops for food is done before/after work, not a special trip. We all need a break and I'm glad you had one, playing with sand in the garage, having a night out and the flowers are beautiful. Hoping you have sun today.

  2. I love your tulips! We've had a lot of rain and cloudy days here in PA too! Typical spring weather for our state, though.

  3. Tulips are so pretty! We are still at $3.59 for gas but it's still expensive! Trying to consolidate trips or just not go as much as possible.

    Playing with the sand inside looks like fun!

  4. I love your tulips! And, I'm with the others - $4.15 for gas?!?!?!?! Wow, ours is $3.68 that seems like a big difference.

    Enjoy the gentle rain!

  5. Agreeing:

    Rain--tons here, too!
    Gas price--yikes!
    Gorgeous tulips!
    Sweet girl!

  6. I know the gas prices, and milk at my local grocery has gone from 2.50 to 2.99 also. My daughter dumped a whole gallon on my kitchen floor the other day. It was an accident of course, but an expensive one. We are going to have to stop our once a week eating out for sure!
    I love your tulips!

  7. We've had lots of rain too and there's no end in sight!

    Your tulips are so pretty. I need to see if Kroger has any clearance flowers when I go out today - we could use a little cheer in this gloomy weather!

    Have a great week, Wendi.


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