Friday, February 04, 2011

Cooking from Scratch

As a treat Grammi (my mom) bought Megan some Valentine cookies to bake.

They are cute, but after tasting them all I can say is yuck! That made me start thinking about cooking from scratch. I know that for many a store bought item that they bake in the oven is as close to home cooking as they get.

Yesterday Megan and I made some noodles to complete our chicken and noodles dinner.

It didn't take long to make them and what fun it was from Megan to knead the dough.

I use to find cooking from scratch a little intimidating. Sometimes I still do. I was looking for perfection and that isn't necessarily what cooking from scratch is about. I have learned I am not nor will I ever be as perfect as Martha Stewart. That many magazine and cookbook pictures are doctored. Yes, it is real food, but many times they do unrealistic things like use eye droppers for the perfect look of sauce or butter. Sometimes cheese is put on one shred at a time for the perfect look. Talk about setting us homemakers up for failure!

What I have learned is that the more you do something the better you become at it. The more I make homemade pizza crust the better I get at making the crust look like it might have come from a pizza restaurant.

The more I make bread the better I get at forming the loafs.

Biscuits are still a hit and miss item, but I keep trying.

Sometimes an item is a complete miss! This tomato soup was okay before I canned it and not so great when it was all done.

Even Megan tells me how much better homemade is. It makes my heart sing when I hear her say "Mama you make the best pizza!" It makes me happy to know that I made the item, I know what is in it and I can see my family enjoy it. I encourage you to get in the kitchen and just do it! If I can I know that you can too.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. I so agree!

    It took me a while to get over the fact that homemade will not taste quite the same as store bought. Because of all the additives and preservatives that are not in the food! For example, I was so disappointed in my homemade pizza because it tasted "bland" in comparison. After a while I realized that it didn't have the grease and additives that prepared pizza has. My taste buds adjusted and now I prefer the fresh taste of homemade! Although take out pizza is still nice on occasion! I do find that I'm extra thirsty for a day after eating it though!

  2. Love this post! I try to make as much homemade food as I can, too. I'm still working on the shape of my loaves of bread. Yours look great!

  3. Wendi,

    I agree with you about homemade, my son told me I make cupcakes better than Martha yesterday. LOL! I guess it's true there's no cooking like your mama's!

  4. Wendi - You are so right about made from scratch food. Mostly everything I make is from scratch. It's more wholesome, and there's something very rewarding about knowing that you took the time and used your own hands to make something to bless your family with. You can put more love into made from scratch goodies! Your pizza and bread looks amazing, by the way!!!!

  5. I try to do several things homemade.

    I'm not at the point where everything I do is from scratch, but that's where I want to be one day!

    Your pizza looks wonderful!

  6. I agree. Homemade is the best way to go I think. You know what's in - and more importantly, what's not.

    I try to make as much as I can from scratch. There's a certain satistaction in it for me and I feel like I am doing something good for my family. My daughter
    (9)begs me to by cookies at the store but I stand firm and say we can make them. One day I am sure she'll appreciate it.

    Your pizza looks sooo yummy!!

  7. Oh, everything looks so good! I need to do more cooking from scratch!! That pizza looks delicious!
    I was thinking of taking those same cookies to school for my son's Valentine's Day party, but if they taste yukky, I'd better re-think that!

  8. WOW noodles from stratch! I have never done that! Since I live a low carb lifestyle, processed food are out for the most part, but I can still find low carb pasta so I don't make them, just the sauce that goes over them. I'm so impressed with all you do and with a house full of kids!!! I guess you don't sleep much.

  9. I only make homemade and it really *is* the best! Everything you have made looks absolutely wonderful!!! :)
    You asked about me always using bread,I don't always use it when making bread or rolls. I usually buy what is on sale, if anything is. I *do* try to get unbleached though. :)
    And yes, the rolls are the same ones I make and use with my homemade sloppy joes! Yum! :)
    I plan on sharing the recipe soon...I just need to remember to bring my recipe book to my desk and type it all out! :o)


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