Monday, January 03, 2011

Out With the Old

And in with the new. All of Christmas decor is put away and the living room has been cleaned and everything put in its rightful place.

Although nothing new was added to this room it feel like a new space. I love Christmas, but am always happy when things are put back in order.

I am planning to do some things this year. Not really resolutions, but goals. You might even call them life changes.

Reading is one area that I am changing. I love to read! Everyone knows this and I was gifted a stack of books for Christmas.

I use to read a couple of books a week. You know before becoming a mom! I do enjoy it and plan to make it a priority.

I do enjoy reading my Christian fiction, but along with that I plan to add this book.

I have tried several times to read the Bible from cover to cover and haven't succeeded. Some parts are just tedious, especially in the Old Testament. I am determined that this is going to happen!! I plan to give a monthly update to keep me accountable.

I have a binder of recipes that I pull out of magazines, print off blogs and such. I wish I could say that they are organized nicely and that I have tried them all, but I can't.

The plan is to go through this binder and get rid of the things that no longer interest me and then get them put nicely into the page protectors. Then the fun begins! The goal is to try one new recipe a week. I am sure that many of these will be shared with you.

Small things that I am certain will bring me joy. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Wendi are we sisters - lol!! I too have a recipe cut out file to be sorted!! Have made a start - I found that once in the clear wipe folder I chose the one I wanted to follow that week and put it in my shopping bag - it reminded me to get the ingredients! Still have tons to sort though.
    Good luck with the Bible reading - I set out (yet again) a few years back - did it eventually though it took 18 months - if I can do it anyone can!

  2. Love how your living room looks! So clean! Our tree is still us but it comes down today and the house starts to get back into shape. I have taken up the 400 mile challenge as well to help get healthy. I've read the bible through a few times but I still find things in there that I have never seen. I know you can do it!!!

  3. I love to read too! You should join with me and we can share books online it's alot of fun. Just look for me on there, Erin.

  4. Your place looks so clean! I need to take down my Christmas stuff. I like all your goals, I'm trying to do my own bible study this year. I need to do that with all my recipes too.


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