Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Handprint Quilt

I have been frantically trying to complete a last minute gift for my step MIL. I thought that it would have to be pushed back to a birthday gift. Thankfully my mom helped me (and I mean helped a lot!) and it is complete!

During a summer cookout I asked that everyone provide me with a handprint. I think they thought I was crazy. We live a very different life then Chuck's step siblings so they always think we are crazy, but that is a different post!

I then cut out squares of fabric and attached to some heat and bond and then cut out the handprints and attached them to my fabric. I then stitched name and year of birth under each handprint and added the year of marriage between the handprints.

The little prints where added under their parents.

A border was then added. I found that it was less expensive to finish off the quilt with a fleece blanket on the inside and then use a sheet to back it. I love giving homemade gifts!

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. what a good idea!!! I might need to make a couple of versions of that myself...and I get being "different" from the rest of the family:) it happens:)

  2. Wow that is beautiful! What a great gift, I know she will love it. Great job.

  3. What a special gift, Wendi. I'm sure it will warm her heart, literally and figuratively! =)

  4. Yes, I can relate to the family who doesn't get our attempts to live intentional and meaningful lives.
    The handprint quilt is wonderful; an heirloom to be cherished.

  5. What a cool idea and much easier than the quilt I made with printed photos on it..Something to think about for next year for sure..Thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful Wendi!

  7. So very special and clever ~ love that you had everyone "give you a hand"! :-) Merry Christmas!


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