Monday, June 14, 2010


I love a good thunderstorm. With all of the heat and humidity we have been having it seems to be a daily occurrence. I enjoy sitting out on the porch and watching it roll in.

Life is full of storms, but through it all God is good.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. ~ Psalm 34:19

Luckily not all of the storms we endure are large, but it gives me a feeling of security knowing that He is always with me. Our storm this weekend was minor and certainly related to storms. With all the rain there is lots of ground water and it has flooded our septic. Chuck showered yesterday morning and when I went in there was the dreaded gurgle sound that means the septic is full. It is an easy fix. Today we will have someone come out and empty the tank and off we go.

Instead of getting upset this happened I choose to be grateful. Grateful that it would be an easy fix. Grateful that we could head to my parents home.

Since I was not sure when this will be taken care of today we loaded up ourselves and the laundry and headed to my parents. I worked on laundry between pool time.

Megan loves the water! She can't swim yet but still moves around like a little fish.

All of the fun in the sun made for a tired little one.

She fell fast asleep on the drive home. I put her on the couch to change her and she didn't wake.

I am off to run to my parents for a shower and then back here in time for Abe to arrive. I will hang out at my parents until I can run water again. Have a great day!


  1. I love your attitude, Wendi! :) What a wonderful reminder to "not sweat the small stuff" and have peace because we know He is in charge! :)

    I hope your water is back ASAP! :)

  2. Seems like a full septic tank & a full laundry basket always coincide! :)

  3. She looks like a little sleeping beauty. So cute :)

  4. i love storms too- except in the middle of the night- i get scared lol! (i have this fear of tornados; you'd think i lived in the midwest!)

    hope you can get back home to some running water soon!


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