Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Family Fun: Strawberry Pickin'

Saturday morning we headed out to pick strawberries!

Megan was so excited. On the drive there she keep telling us that the proper way to pick a strawberry was to "twist and pull." Then while we were there she keep asking "are you twisting and pulling?" She only said this a thousand times. Now all Chuck and I have to say is twist and pull and we both crack up!

We left with 2 1/2 of these containers; about 8 1/2 quarts.

We shared some, eat lots and made strawberry jam.

There are still lots of strawberries left. I plan to get the kitchen and create some more goodies today. Have a "berry" sweet day!


  1. I love her strawberry skirt! So cute...

  2. Awesome! I love strawberry picking. And I definitely love having homemade strawberry jam canned and stocked in the cellar!

  3. Twist and pull--funny!

    Our local berries won't be ready for 3 or 4 more weeks. I hope I'm able to squeeze in a trip to the patch before we leave on our vacation!

  4. YUM! I love strawberry jam! How fun and I just love how she was dressed just right for the occasion! :) Too cute! :)

  5. My kids say that if you hear a suction sound as you pull the berry off, it is a good one!

  6. We love strawberries, but have never been strawberry pickin'!

    Megan looks so cute!

    Have a great day!

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  8. Oh how much fun! I remember doing this and it's truly a summer thing to do!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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