Friday, March 19, 2010

Making Your Home A Haven: Drawer

The task from Monica this week was to tackle a drawer. This drawer had been on my list for a while. It is Megan's sock/tight drawer.

As you can tell by the picture it was just plain and simple... messy!

I weeded out socks she refuses to were (oh yeah, my girl has very strong opinions... don't know where she gets that!) and took out the tights that she was outgrowing. Chuck was kind enough to cut me some cardboard dividers and they were covered in some scrapbook paper.

I love, love the way this turned out. It is now a pleasure to get into this drawer.

I was so motivated by this that I tackled another drawer. I had way to many dishtowels and was still hanging onto bibs from when Megan still used them.

I had lots of towels that had been ready for the rag bag for a while. I took those to the garage and then saved a few bibs for the little guy that I watch.

Now we have a drawer that is neat and tidy. Oh, and it is no longer so full that it gets caught on the drawer above it! I am feeling very motivated and have another drawer or two on my list.


  1. It looks fantastic Wendi! I love the sock drawer! And the dishcloth drawer looks great too!! :)

  2. Looks like Megan has quite a tight collection. I had trouble finding them for my daughter this year. She is in between the 4-6x and 7-10size. One was barely big enough, the other was much too big. Where do you tend to find Megan's tights, if you don't mind me asking
    By the way, I know lots of kids with sensory sock preferences. The stitching at the top of the toe bugs them. Try wearing them inside out. It has helped many. That is why Hanes went tagless, because one of their executives had a child with sensory sensitivities.

  3. Angie,

    I found a great selection of tights at K Mart this year. I am not a big fan of my K Mart and that was my last stop after being unsuccessful at other places.

    Megan's sock issue has to do with the non-skid bottom. She hates them!

  4. Wendi,

    I love your new organized look! I bet is also helps Megan because its so much easier to find what she needs and helps her to put them away as well! Love organized drawers!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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