Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eating Healthy: Carrots

I am still on the quest for healthier eating. What I have learned so far is that it is going to be a long hard process. I have been reading food labels and am not liking most of what I see. I am really having a hard time understanding why food manufacturers feel the need to add so much to our food.

One argument of eating healthy is that is takes too much time or cost too much. I admit that I have used the argument that it takes too much time. Not anymore! I recently had a five pound bag of carrots. I cleaned and peeled them all at one time. I was able to cut some carrot sticks for snacking, dice some for soups, stews and side dishes and then cut some for pot roast.

I have always been a big fan of canning my own food. Carrots are something that I am adding to my list to can. If you buy frozen carrots your are getting just carrots. If you buy canned carrots you are getting carrots, water, salt and calcium chloride. Growing my own is not something that has worked for me. I can never get a large sweet carrot. The plan is to watch for a great sale and then put them up. I will know the quality of carrot and exactly what is in each can.


  1. Have you heard of the documentary "Food Inc"? I taught that to my 7th graders; it's about what REALLY is in our food and what goes on in the slaughterhouses. I have gone organic for my eggs, veggies, and meat. The organic meat is expensive, but I feel better about what I'm eating.

  2. Wendi,

    We haven't had much luck growing carrots in our garden, either, but last year, a neighbor gave us some surplus, and it was great to have diced frozen carrots for soups and stir-frys!

  3. We watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It is outstanding. Good for you on wanting to eat healthier. I also read www.homesteadrevival@blogspot.com

    Thanks for the great posts.

  4. I don't know if you have a Costco nearby, but they have 10 pound bags of organic carrots for $5 something. Since buying organic carrots, I've noticed how much darker in color they are than the regular grocery store variety, which can only be a good thing as far as vitamins go, right? When I buy a big bag, I usually shred a bunch up in 2 cup portions to freeze for carrot cake and muffins. I also keep them successfully in the veggie drawer for a long while.

  5. I also like to dice up carrots, green peppers, and onions ahead of time. I like to have them in the freezer for quickly adding to meals. I prefer frozen to home canned veggies because of the texture.

  6. What a great idea! I am dieting, and always looking for ideas for quick snacks and quick fixes for cooking. I love the idea of having them ready and so convenient. Thanks for the good tip!


  7. Wendi,

    These are great tips to do whenever we find fresh produce on sale. Great ideas and so much more healthier too!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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