Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

Yesterday afternoon it started to snow. Oh, it was so pretty!

We had no where to go so I was able to snuggle up with a good book while Megan and Daddy played games. After a few day of running here and there it was pure joy!

I hope that you all had a very nice Christmas. Ours was great. Megan received so many great things. A Jack in the Box which was on the top of her list and a workbench.

She is always Daddy's helper while he works in the garage and this was a big hit.

You can see her excitement while opening this package.

It warmed my heart to know she found so much joy in a simple slinky.

Besides Christmas morning at our home we had three other get togethers. All the kids at my father-in-laws are three and under. I was impressed with how much self control they had while waiting for present time. It was very hard on my nephew.

Megan was having more fun playing with the bows and ribbon.

She keep taking the bows off of everyone's present. I was so happy to see that it wasn't all about the presents for her.

I won't be posting anymore this week. Chuck is on vacation this week. We have a couple of small projects to complete. Some good ole' fashioned family time is on the agenda also.

Wishing all of you a New Year full of health, peace, love and faith.


  1. Have a great week and New Year, Wendi! I'll look forward to reading your posts next week (after I go back to work :( )

  2. I am glad you had a great Christmas...we did too...except for the fact that the SNOW changed our plans a bit. Stop in and check out our two feet of snow!! :) Happy New Year!

  3. Have a great week...enjoy your time together as a family. We will miss you.

  4. What a pretty snow picture! I'm glad you had a pleasant Christmas. Hope you have a very blessed 2010!

  5. Wendi,

    It's good to hear about your Christmas. It sounds wonderful. We had a very nice warm family time also.

    My husband is home for the week also and I hope to get some small projects done around here. I'm heading out today for paint for the family room.

    We are also enjoying time with the girls together.

    have a wonderful week with your hubby.


  6. Have a wonderful week, Wendi! :)

  7. Wendi,

    Enjoy your time with this beautiful weather with loved ones and family near.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Enjoy your week! So glad you had a nice Christmas!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. It's wonderful to see our children enjoying the simple pleasures of Christmas. You have a beautiful family.

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  11. Cute photos. Adorable child. Merry Christmas.

  12. enjoy your time together as a family.

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