Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcoming Fall

Yesterday certainly didn't feel like the first day of fall. All of the wonderful fall like weather we have been having was replaced by lots of humidity. I am not complaining though. I know soon enough the wonderful fall weather will be here to stay.

We welcomed the start of this great season by having a breakfast of an egg in a nest. For the fall flair I made the cut out with a pumpkin cookie cutter.

I know it is hard to tell since the stem seems to have gotten lost!

During school time we talked about the start of fall and all the great things that would occur during fall. This wreath was made by gluing some leave cut outs to a paper plate.

Anything that involves glue is a hit with Megan!

Here is a glimpse at the fall touches around the homeplace. A berry basket filled with fabric pumpkins. (I will share tomorrow how I made these).

There is a simple wreath on the front door and some window clings. I know that they don't look great, but they are for Megan. I figure she will only be three once and she has been having tons of fun moving these all around.

As you walk up to the front door this is what greets you.

There are a few other touches of fall, but all in all I keep it pretty simple.

Happy Fall!


  1. The fabric pumpkins are cute! Make sure to share how you made them!

    Last year, I did a study on fall with my kids and my friend's children (who also homeschools.) It was so much fun. I bought plastic leaf rubs from Oriental Trading which we used to make a book of local leaves. Then we went out into the woods and found the trees that were featured in our books. We read about what happens that makes the leaves turn colors. Then we finished off the study by making caramel apples. The kids had so much fun, and I did too!

  2. I love your fall decorating!!

  3. Love your fall touches, Wendi. That leaf wreath is so sweet! I remember making one of those with my kids when they were younger with their handprints as leaves.

    Have a great day!

  4. Wendi,

    The fall decorations all looking so amazing and invite people in to the warmth and love within your home. Can't wait to see just how you make those beautiful pumpkins!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Cute stuff! I agree about the clings - the kids are only young once and they have so much fun being involved with the decorating. It used to stress me out that my house wasn't perfectly decorated - the way I wanted it- and my daughter certainly has her own 'style'. But I want her to remember the holidays as fun and not as her having a crazy mommy that wouldn't let her use window clings or plastic stuff or whatever. You're a great mom!! She'll remember the fun you made.

  6. Very sweet decorations! Wish it was cooler here.


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