Wednesday, July 22, 2009


is the nicest word there is.

~Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie show

Aww, home. I have been volunteering at VBS this week so I haven't been home as much as I like. When I heard Laura speak those words on today's episode I thought how true!

We recently started receiving the Hallmark Channel. They show Little House on the Prairie weekdays from 3-5. I have started to watch the episode from 4-5 while making dinner. Such a simple thing that brings me so much joy! Although Waltons is my favorite show Little House is a close second.

I had it on in the living room and the kitchen since I was back and forth. I noticed that Miss Megan was very interested in the show. She even said "Mama, I haven't seen this show. I like it." Bestill my heart!

I have a very energetic little group at VBS this week. I am hoping to be around for the rest of the week, but if not you will know the little sweeties have wiped me out!


  1. I LOVE Little House! My dd and I last winter got the WHOLE series (a little bit at a time) from the library...
    When I was little we would come home from our church school and plop down on the couch and watch it! Great memories! I never was really able to watch the Waltons...I bet I could get it from the library! :-) I'll have to remember that and get it for this winter! :)

  2. We love Little House. We've been reading the book series as read alouds for over a year now and we always watch the show.

    I have to agree that the I enjoy the Waltons more than Little House too. I think it's because it always shows the family coming together to solve problems and I LOVE their big farm house. My grandmother grew up during the depression an I always imagine her growing up like the girls on the show!

    Hope they don't wipe you completely out at VBS!

  3. Over the course of many birthdays and Christmases, my teen has finally acquired all the seasons of Little House on DVD. She is now working on the Waltons series. These collections have brought our family countless hours of joy! My biggest problem is that I can't make it through a single episode without crying! Every message seems to resonate with me. I miss the days of good, wholesome TV programming.

    VBS is such a strange seems to completely drain us, yet invigorate us at the same time. Something about spending all your energy to see children delight in the Lord seems to impart more energy I suppose. Good luck this week!

  4. I hope you enjoy your few moments at home. Have a blessed day!

  5. I love the Little House series. Our daughter has started getting DVD's of all those good shows when they were clean and had a good moral story to them. They have also gotten the Walton's. Our daughter did realize that her Uncle's brother wrote some of the movie scrips--Marion Hargrove.

  6. Wendi!

    I just became a follower of yours while out and about blog hopping this morning.

    I too, am a fellow Hallmark Channel watcher and love Little House on the Prairie!

    Isn't it just great when you can still turn in to family friendly TV?

    I hope you can stop by one day and come for a visit and perhaps stay awhile.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Hope you survived your lively group at VBS. :) Everyone loves Little House on the Prairie! Takes me back...


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