Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

It has been extremely hot in Central Indiana. We are having the kind of temperatures that we usually see late in the summer. Since it has been so warm we have been spending our afternoons in my parents pool.

After so much fun in the sun Megan crashed on the way home. She was moved from the car to this spot.

When she sleep and sleep and sleep some more it was decided to change her in to pj's and put her in bed. She has been asleep since 6:30 last night. I guess when you play hard you sleep hard!

Hope you are all finding ways to stay cool!


  1. It's been hot here too. I went swimming with a friend last night. It was so relaxing!

    Cute pics of Megan!

  2. H-O-T here too! We've been swimming for the past two days and it makes my kids tired too!


  3. Nathan's the same way--play hard, sleep hard. And I echo the hot weather thing--whew!


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