Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Around My Yard

Spring is really trying to make her appearance here. Today was the kind of day where you could open some windows and go outside with a light jacket. It is suppose to be nice like this all week. Yeah!

I took my camera out with me after dinner and took a few shots to share.

This is my new flag that welcomes you as to come up the walk to the front door.

I have several patches of daffodils. These are ready to pop.

Some crocus that are next to the flag.

And some more that are in a backyard bed.

The lilac bushes are budding out. I can't wait to have a bouquet for my table.

Hope you enjoyed a peek of Spring in my yard!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. How beautiful!!! Our flowers here in PA aren't blooming yet. Its still mucky and muddy :(. I am hoping soon though! I am sooo thrilled not to be seeing snow though!! LOL

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I agree...the basics are the best! :) Have a great day!

  2. Oh your flowers are beautiful! Mine are coming up too!!

  3. Everything is looking great! We have several things popping up also. Love your garden flag.


  4. Yea! What beautiful flowers...ours still have a bit to go...

    Thanks for sharing a little spring with us!


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