Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I spent most of yesterday morning out and about. I went to Kohl's and hit the clearance rack and was able to get Megan a winter coat and snow pants for next year. I also found some summer shirts for Chuck. He is so hard to buy for. I brought the shirt home got the okay and then we went back last night to buy some more. The sign listed them as on sale for $10.40 but they were ringing up for $10.40 plus buy one get one free. Yes!

Megan and I spent the afternoon doing a little crafting.

We made valentine cards for the grandparents. She was a very happy girl because glue was involved in the project. I was so proud of Megan for writing her M! She is becoming such a big girl.

This is the sewing machine that I picked out on Friday.

It is the same as the one that my mom has. She gave it her stamp of approval and so far I am loving it. Sewing is new to me and I am itching to start my first project. I hope to begin it during nap time today.

I am off to finish the laundry and sand on cabinet doors. Have a great day!


  1. Enjoy your new machine, Wendi. I wish I liked to sew, but I don't seem to have much knack or patience for it (unlike the other women in my family!)

  2. My first machine was a Brother. It lasted and lasted; definitely worth every penny I spent on it. I bought it at age 16 and replaced it only a couple of years ago.

    It's a basic machine but wonderful for regular sewing, especially for a beginner. Have fun experimenting with simple projects!

  3. For some reason, I have the patience to knit, but not to sew. I have a great sewing machine that sadly never gets used!

    Have fun learning your way around it!


  4. Oooh new machine, enjoy it :)

    I have had the same one for so many years and I desperately need to replace it but I don't use very often, so it's one of those purchases I just keep putting off. LOL


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