Friday, February 06, 2009

Organizing: Spare Closet

I didn't mean to miss two days of posting. I have caught a cold and have been feeling a little under the weather. I am starting to feel better now, other then I still feel like I have a Rudolph nose!

This closet is in our third bedroom. This is where we have our treadmill and computer. It tends to be the room where things get dumped. Especially in the closet. Here are the before and after pictures.

I had a container of toys in the closet for my nieces. They were some older toys that Megan wasn't able to play with when she was younger. Now that she is older all of Megan's toys have been moved out. The only exception to that is the crayons and coloring books. They are housed in the nightstand that is in the closet. I have a fear of stepping into Megan's room and seeing crayon on all the walls. So for now they will stay in the spare room.

I still need to do Megan's room, but I am dreading it. All of the toys that have been taken out of the living room and spare room have been put in Megan's room. It is a disaster. I am hopeful that I can get to it next week. I really need to some motivation to get in there.

I am off to start my day. I am planning to go sewing machine shopping today. I am so excited! Then we have plans to go for dinner tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. You have been accomplishing so much recently! I hope that you feel better and have a great weekend. ;)

  2. Great job Wendi! It looks fantastic! :)

  3. Nice and neat - good job!


  4. It is easy for those toys to grow rather quickly, isn't it?

    Everything looks great though!

    Have a great weekend!


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