Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

After a slow start to the morning I think I am finally ready to get moving. I hate to admit it, but as I write this we are still in our PJ's!

Yesterday was full and long. My sister and family were here until about noon so that threw our schedule off. I then had my afternoon kids and as soon as they left it was time to get ready to head to Chuck's dad and step moms.

They had been in Australia for the past two weeks and we were going over for dinner and to celebrate birthdays. It was lots of fun and we were out much to late for a Monday night.

All of the grandkids were there which made for much noise and laughter. Chuck's dad really likes to get the kids wound up. We also found out that there will be another grandkid this year! Chuck's step-brother Brian and his wife Brooke are expecting. It was so hectic that I didn't get all of the details. It does explain why Brooke left all of the action Christmas Day to go take a nap! I don't know when but Brian is being deployed sometime this year. I just hope that he will be here the arrival of his baby. The joys of being in the military.

On the schedule for today is: finish laundry, tidy the house, watch kids this afternoon and I am hoping to be able to take down wallpaper in the kitchen.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Oh I hope he doesn't get deployed and miss the baby birth. You're right though, it's just part of the whole military life isn't it?

    Mine is supposed to get deployed this year too, not sure when.


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