Monday, December 22, 2008

Snuggle Day and a Craft

I guess that Old Man Winter wanted make sure we knew that yesterday was his day. When we woke up yesterday morning the news was reporting that it felt like 10 below with the windchill and by the afternoon would feel like 20 below. It was decided that it would be a great day to stay inside and snuggle.

The Little Lady woke us up before 6 so we had an early breakfast of pancakes.

Megan received a special pancake. She watched me pour it on the griddle and excitedly yelled out Mickey Mouse!

I found some time during nap time to make our Christmas thank you cards.

It is a tradition to make my own thank you cards each year. This is the card that I made last year.

For dinner i took left over rotisserie chicken and placed in on top of roasted potatoes and topped with gravy. It was served with home canned green beans and glazed carrots.

A stick to your ribs kind of meal that is great for a cold day.

We then spent the rest of the evening listening to Christmas music and just being together. My kind of day!


  1. What a nice thank you card - I bet the people who get that will really like the extra touch of a hand made card.
    Nice meal! What time do you eat? :-)

  2. My dad used to make me those same Mickey Mouse pancakes!
    Have a wonderful Christmas week!!


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