Friday, December 19, 2008


Life had been ticking right along around here. We have been busy wrapping presents. Megan wanted to help last night and this is her version of wrapping a present.

She won't win any wrapping prizes, but I would be tickled pink to receive a gift wrapped with such love!

My parents received a wonderful fruit and nut basket from a neighbor.

It was more fruit then they could eat so they shared with us. We love the clementines! We have eaten almost all of them and are planning to pick up a crate this weekend. Megan loves them so much that she can eat two at a time!

I also get to keep the basket. I am so excited about that! I plan to make this our picnic basket. I will be buying some red and white gingham to make a liner. I can't wait to test it out this spring.

Tonight Megan is heading to Grandma & Grandpa's (Chuck's mom & step-dad). The plan was that they could watch her while we finished our shopping and then we would pick her up when done. My mil called last night and asked if she could spend the night and they would make cookies Saturday. We get to have a date night! Now the plan is to go to dinner (how nice it will be not to have to take a little to potty a couple of times!), finish our shopping and then sleep in on Saturday morning.

We have keep our shopping pretty light this year. We need to get some stocking stuffers and a gift for Chuck's step-dad. I can't wait to be finished. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Sweet pictures of Megan. Merry Christmas, Wendi!

  2. Enjoy your Date Night! :)

  3. Hi~ I found you through my feedjit live when it showed that someone came to my blog from your blog. I then noticed that you have me on your blogroll...thanks! I really enjoyed reading through your blog...reading your profile we have a lot in common. The pics in this post are sweet. Have a wonderful weekend...I hope you will stop in and visit and please leave me a comment!!


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