Monday, December 15, 2008


Sorry that I have been scarce. I have been a little under the weather. Nothing major; just a sore throat, cough and basically feeling yucky. Just enough to slow me down. Chuck is home today to get some rest. He went to bed Saturday night with a sore throat. Sorry I shared the germs with him!

Sunday afternoon Megan and I went to my parents for our annual cookie baking afternoon. It is always fun! Megan was old enough to participate this year. Her job was to add the sprinkles to the sugar cookies. She only made it through a couple of cookie sheets, but had fun while it lasted.

I put together a couple to trays for Chuck to take to his department pitch-in on Tuesday.

It is such fun to pass this tradition along to Megan.


  1. Yum! We are going to do our cookie baking on Saturday! It is a fun tradition I can't do without!

  2. The cookies look great! A very nice variety!


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