Monday, November 24, 2008

Homeplace Happenings

No pictures to go with my post today because the battery died on my camera. Hubby hates when I let that happen... and I do it all the time. Not only the camera but my cell phone also. I don't know why I always let it happen!

Saturday we had a lazy morning and I was treated to breakfast. Chuck made eggs, bacon & toast. Yummy! I love breakfast, especially when I haven't cooked it! We then went to one of my favorite places... Lowes! I know some people don't get that I love home improvement stores. I see all of the wonder potential projects! We priced wainscoting for my kitchen back splash, picked up paint samples for my cabinets and looked at counter tops. I won't get my dream counter top, but Chuck thinks we might be able to swing a much less expensive one. Anything has to be better then the 1980's blue!

Megan hung out with my sister's family Saturday afternoon and Chuck and I wrapped Megan's Christmas presents. Sunday afternoon I moved some things around in the living room to make room for the tree. I can't tell you how excited I am about Christmas this year. I won't start decorating until Friday. Just because Chuck hasn't brought up the decorations yet!

I hope that we have cut grass for the last time this year. The leaves have been so late in coming down. Chuck spent a good part of Sunday afternoon outside picking up leaves. It was funny to see Megan out jumping in the leaves wearing her hat, gloves, winter coat and snow pants! We ended the day by enjoying hot chocolate. A first for Megan.

I am looking forward to laundry, cleaning and hopefully a little crafting today. Have a great Monday.


  1. I had a good laugh about your cell phone and camera battery dieing - We just have too many things to think about don't we! I forget to put gas in my car! I use it almost every day but never think to look at the gauge so when my husband gets in it, he has to put gas in it! I did go to the gas station once to put gas in it and pulled up on the wrong side!! I was so red faced but then the attendent told me that it happens a lot. See - we woman just have men that take such good care of us that we tend to let things go. I'm so glad that he made you breakfast and took you to Lowes, I like that store too. We were there looking at dish washers. Just looking right now as the one we have still works, but you never know....

  2. I can totally relate on the cell phone battery. I try not to use mine alot so I don't even think about it until I hear that little beep.

    We just replaced our 80's green countertops. Only took nine years! We painted the cabinets and got new tops and I am loving it. Hope you enjoy yours, too.



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