Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Time to Gush...

About my husband, but lets start at the beginning of my weekend.

There was a garage sale planned at parents house on Saturday. Friday morning at almost 8 I received a call from my mom. A neighbor had also decided this would be a good weekend for a garage sale and had started theirs on Friday. So off I go to set up for the garage sale.

We did just okay. My parents ended up running a couple of errands during the sale and said that there wasn't much traffic out. Don't know if it is because it was a holiday weekend or just a sign of our slow economy.

We ended up eating out a couple of times this weekend. That is so bad! It is a killer on the budget, but it is so nice to do at times.

I do my major grocery shopping once a month. My mom doesn't drive so we end up doing our shopping together. I got up early to head out. I was just about ready to sneak out when I hear Megan saying "Mama? Mama?" I thought for sure she would want to go, but she stayed home with Daddy. Shopping without Megan was such a treat!

Okay, here is where the gushing starts. On my way to the store I received a call asking if I had toilet cleaner on the list. Why yes I did. He was asking because he was cleaning the bathroom!

When I was checking out I received a call from Chuck saying he was on his way to sister's house to help my brother-in-law with something. One of my first thoughts was to wonder what Megan's hair looked like.

Once I got home I opened the garage door and the washer was going. Oh.my.goodness. he was doing laundry. Oh ladies it gets better. I walked into the kitchen and I could tell that he had cooked. No cold cereal was served to my baby girl. No sir, he made eggs, sausage and toast.

The icing on the cake was when I arrived at my sister's house and not only had Chuck dressed Megan in a cute dress and combed her hair, he had pulled it up into a pony tail along with a bow!

Here is the funny/cute thing. He is not a hair kind of dad. He has tried, but just doesn't have the patients. He was afraid that it might come out before I saw it, so he took a picture as they were leaving. hehe

What can I say except... I love that man!

Okay enough gushing. I am exhausted from our busy weekend. I plan to do laundry and get my home back in order. I hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week!


  1. What a sweet post! The *little* things sure do make a difference, don't they? :)

  2. Yay--isn't that fun?! Good job, Chuck!

  3. oh, how sweet. It's amazing what they will do that makes you just love them more. Lucky you! :)


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