Monday, September 08, 2008


This is the third year for our grape vine. I started to see these:

and became very excited! Last year we only had a few bunches and this year as I watched them develop I was so hopeful. As I was harvesting the grapes I wasn't sure there would be enough for much jelly.

Imagine my surprise when they were cooked down and there was not only enough for one batch, but two!

I can't wait until we are finished with the store bought jelly and are able to pop open a jar. I am imagining this sweet treat on toast and warm from the oven biscuits. Yum!


  1. Yummy! We planted grapes this year, so I can't wait for this to happen in a couple of years!

  2. Wendi,

    I didn't remember that you had a grapevine--that is so cool!

  3. The jars looks so good! Were they easy to grow?

  4. Yum! I can taste if from here. Enjoy!

  5. I haven't bought jelly from the store in months. Unfortunately, I only have a half dozen jars of homemade left on the shelf. Enjoy the *fruit* of your labor. :)

  6. We made 24 jars of grape jelly last week. It is wonderful.


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