Friday, September 19, 2008

Grandma Gerry

We found out earlier in the week that Chuck's step-grandmother has been hospitalized and is in ICU. She was hospitalized due to pneumonia. She is not doing well at all. In the past two days her breathing has become very labored. The doctors are saying that the ventilator is basically breathing for her. She is on a very strong antibiotic and if she is not showing improvement with her breathing by Tuesday she will be removed from the ventilator.

If that wasn't bad enough we were also informed that the she has cancer of the liver. She had been treated for cancer of the pancreas last year. The conclusion is that if she doesn't pass away from complications of the pneumonia then we will lose her to the cancer. The cancer doctor said that chemo will not help her this time and that given her weakened state that the cancer will spread quickly.

Our one consolation in all this is that Gerry has strong faith and we know that when her time comes she will be going home to her Heavenly Father. Please pray that Gerry does not suffer and that the aching hearts of those who love her will be healed quickly.


  1. We lost Andy's grandmother this year after her 4th round of cancer. I know how difficult this time can be. I am praying for her right now and will continue to lift her and your family up as the Holy Spirit prompts.


  2. We were in a situation very similiar to this with my grandpa 5 years ago. Grief isn't easy but knowing your loved ones are ready and almost anxious to "go home" brings such comfort. I pray your family will receive the same grace and peace we did when we lost my grandpa. Prayers!!

  3. oh :( I am so sorry Wendi...the struggles while on this earth can be so hard! I am sooo glad she knows and loves Jesus...someday her pain will be gone!!!! :)


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