Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Friday night we headed to the mall to pick up a birthday present. The plan was to grab a quick bite to eat before shopping. I had my heart set on Chick-fil-A. I was heartbroken when I got there and saw they were closed for remodeling!

That is okay. Chuck ended up taking us to TGI Fridays and it was fantastic. We were able to eat there for under $20, which shocked us both!

We then purchased the present and browsed around the bookstore before heading home. I don't hit the mall often so it was fun.

Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents to celebrate my niece Alison's birthday. She is 15! Boy does that make me feel old! It was a wonderful afternoon for a pool party.

All of the kids were in the pool having a blast! They had a friendly match of chicken which was fun to watch.

Then they took a swimming break for a water balloon fight. The big boys decided to join the fun. It was very funny to watch the boys get blasted by balloons!
Megan decided that all of the noise and splashing from the big kids was too much for her. She spend the afternoon hanging out on the pool deck.

Sunday we spent a lazy afternoon at home. I pulled a few spent flowers from my lilies while Megan napped. Chuck tried to fix his truck, but had no luck. It needs a new oil pump and he was unable to get the oil pan off. His uncle is coming by tomorrow night to help with that.

We grilled out burgers for dinner and then spent some time outside playing. Megan helped me water flowers and played on the swing. I then made ice cream cones for everyone and we headed in for bath time.

I really wanted to do some crafting but just ran out of time. Hopefully I can get a few things started this week.

I know that I have been a sporadic blogger lately. My days are full and have been passing too quick! I do enjoy blogging and reading other blogs so hopefully things will slow down around here.

Have a great Monday!

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