Thursday, July 31, 2008


While in the car tonight I was eavesdropping on a conversation between Megan and her Doggie.

I heard her say:

"No hit Doggie. Mama Sorry. Give Mama hug and kiss."

I had to smile. She is listening and understanding time out. After her time is up I have her come to me and tell her why she was in time out. I then have her say she is sorry and then give her a hug and kiss. If she hits someone I also have her go to that person and say sorry she hit them.

There has been major hitting issues in the house this week. Oh the joys of the terrible twos!


  1. Oh,I understand this all too well, Wendi! Too cute and you can tell that she understands.:-)

  2. Our time out is VERY similar. As soon as Joshua goes into time out he starts to say, "Sorry mommy". Our problem is more chasing and OVER loving on the animals. Two's are hard.


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